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In the Global Yoga Yang part, we go through different warm-ups of the whole body, have different themes/intentions and focus areas. Among other things, we do sun salutations, warrior positions, downward facing dog and lots of exciting flows.

In the Yin part, there will be either classic Global Yoga positions that we stay in for 3-5 minutes and let the body soften into the connective tissue/fascia. Or it will be Hormone Yin Yoga for women's health as we follow, for example, the cycles of the moon and adapt the positions to whatever attractive force exists in nature right now.

Why pay and commit to a class online when you can find one on Yogobe or YouTube? Simply because Sidasih Yoga is a community, despite the distance. You will do yoga together at the same time with a nice group of peope! You save time as you are already at home.


Use what you have at home: blankets, pillows in diffrent sizes, books instead of extra cost for doing it at home. 


Welcome to join our Sidasih Yoga community! 


Global Yoga meets Hormone Yinyoga

The best of two worlds!

Thursdays 19.30-20.30 I run a mixed class of Global Yoga hatha/flowing and half the class Yinyoga or Hormone Yinyoga - depending on what the group is interested in.


In my small home studio in Östra Linero, Lund, I have room for 4-5 people. Those with a course card have priority but, subject to space, there are drop-in places.

You can easily connect via Teams and run the class from home, outdoors or why not abroad!

This is the first class I started in 2018 but of course it has been amended and adjusted as times goes. You can be new beginner or very trained yogis. This is not a class with advanced positions, as I would like all to feel safe digital at home as in my small studio. But! You will be challenged anyway and of course, we have a lot of fun! 

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